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Curriculum & Courses

We dispose of 3 entry points within our organization for future students:

  • Performance and Media


    National Innovative Diploma Entry


    Having 5 credits including Literature and English

    Approbating any of national entrance exams

    Passing the access auditions

  • Direct Career Entry


    National Diploma


    1 year of work experience as a production artist (e.g. assistant, minor roles or extras etc.)

    Having any background in literature, including English

    Experiencing a change of career

  • CREATE Certified



    Admitted Profiles

    People of all ages (children to adults)

    Talented, teachable, ready to learn


    Pass the set of auditions, even if they don’t have to acquire any former knowledge or schools certificate in link with the profession

Our goal is to release to the market professional and blooming actors for theatres, films and television. In order to meet this objective, we have at our disposal different safety policies:

  • Children protection policy
  • Safety Policies
  • Use of materials

Registration fees

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